Complex revitalization of housing estates

We can provide the unit owners or the housing association with a professional research of the present technical condition of the building, incl. examination of statics and energetic audit.

We can carry out for you an optimal project as for repair works, incl. the project itself, building license, technical supervision, taking over proceedings and other specialized engineering acitivies.

In addition we can carry out for you data required for the grants from the programmes Zelená úsporám and Panel +, eventually we can intermediate the financing  (loan) for a subsequent implementation.

We can organize for you a selection procedure as for the most favourable suppliers for insulation of facades, roof coat, exchange of the windows, balconies, elevators and other building works.

In terms of the technical supervision we can provide you with examination of particular building systems in light of their implementation by specialized technologists and issue of their reference as for the quality of the implementation.

List of Qualified Supplier - entree ing a.s.