Construction – technical supervision

Control of the quality during an implementation of the building and compliance of the contract documentation in the course of the construction (repairs and changes) by: 

  • Contracted company – works foreman who as for the control advocates for the contractor, mainly in order to reach minimalization of the expenses of the construction company 
  • Builder – construction technical supervision  who represents the builder-investor and controls/observes the quality of implemented work in accordance with the contract documents and controls an efficient spending of the funds of the builder in order to save his money and materials in such a way, so that he did not have to pay for the not carried out work or the one of a bad quality or for the materials that do not comply with the contract documents, or when the prescribed technology of their elaboration is not followed, which means extra expenses as for repairs of the building works for the future.
  • Projector – author supervision of the projector that does not have to be ordered by the builder (it usually is not a part of  the contract for elaboration of the contract documents). Author supervision of the projector controls complying with the project and thus the parameters set by the project and it solves minor deviations from the project. This kind of supervision is not compulsory as for the construction regulations, but we recommend it very much to all builders.

As for the control of the complying of the quality, agreed deadlines of the procedure of the implementation and control of the course of financing of the construction the technical supervision of the builder invites the builder for control days right on the premises of the construction that he personally manages and participates in them personally together with the investor, contracted building company and their sub-suppliers and if necessary also with the suppliers of the materials used and building systems and their technologists and in the case of the contracted author supervision also with the projector. During these control days the complying of the quality of the works is observed, together with the schedule of the work, the found faults are being discussed and also not compliance with the building and technological regulations, norms and deadlines and also the conclusions as for removal of the found faults, deadline shifts are being agreed on together with all impacts these might have as for the financing of the building. All the participated keep at disposition  a site diary for potential control where all conclusions of the control days are being recorded.