Contract documents

On the basis of the project of necessary repairs and changes incl. the suggestion of the procedure, order of works and an extent based on all accessible data from research, examinations and inspections and of an energetic audit the responsible planners will elaborate for the builder contract documents according to the requirements of the Building Law and related norms and regulations. This contract document is important for an issue of the building license (announcement) of the projected repairs and changes of the housing object.

If they are going to be used also for the financing of these repairs and changes the contract documents must be further completed with conditions of the grant titles.


Contract documents are elaborated by specialists in particular professions, in compliance with the requirements and an extent of project repairs and changes of the building site, for example a structural designer, specialist in thermic technologies and energetics of the buildings, technical securing of buildings (power, heating, water, gas, elevators), fire safety of the building and building acoustics of the object, quantity surveyor. In the course of the execution of the building the project designer makes an author supervision, when he controls fulfilling of the project and  also the parameters set by the project and he solves minor changes and approves potential slight variations in the project.

If the contract documents are of a good quality and they are of an appropriate extent, it saves significantly builder´s expenses and it is a basis for a good quality revitalization of the whole housing object. 

On the ground of the contract documents an experienced works surveyor controls the implementation company as for the quality of the works done and usage of the prescribed materials and their technical and technological data in such a way so that project parameters of repairs and changes of the building were achieved.