Energetic tablet and certificate of the building

Newly introduced criteria on energetic demands of the buildings serve present and future owners of the building for a better orientation in running costs as for heating and air conditioning of the object. The energetic tablet of the building serves for its better and clearer judging from the point of view of its energetic demands. The tablet describes heat technical parameters of the building, technical equipment of the building and measurements of the energetic demands of the building. The energetic tablet is mandatory for new buildings and at the same for the buildings that had been changed in such a way it requires an elaboration of an energetic demand. Energetic tablet or an energetic audit are one of the requirements for applications for the grant programmes Panel+ and Zelená úsporám.

Energetic tablet of the building is similar to an energetic tablet on domestic appliances. It is a graphical illustration of an energetic demand of the building and it serves to a simple and clear judging of the building in terms of the  requirements of the energetic demand. It enables a simple comparison of the building from the point of view of a consumption of an energy during their operation. Energetic tablet classes the building with accordance to the law no.177/2006 with seven categories A - G from the most economic ones (A) to exceptionally unsuitable (G). The energetic tablet is being elaborated on the grounds of an energetic audit of the building or the energetic certificate of the building. The inherent part of the building is the record on energetic tablet that contains all the data by means of which the judgement was passed.


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