Repairs of the roof

With regards to older technologies and materials most of present, original roofs are morally and physically obsolete and together with loose hydroisolation layers, insufficient warm isolation and often damaged construction and base layers they need a complete reconstruction.

As for financial savings and technical sequence it is suitable for the builder to carry out this reconstruction together with insulation of the whole object, since it is technically convenient to harmonize the project and implementation of the details of the attics, cornices etc. with requirements as for insulation of the walls. 

Within the revitalization of the housing object we can examine, project and execute the total renovation of the roof cladding incl. improvement of its warm isolation qualities. Badly projected or in a bad quality carried out reconstruction of the roof can lead to in-leaking into the space under the roof, however it can also cause the damage of the whole insulation facade system. The water can get in between individual layers, thus the heat bridge might occur which would bring such consequences as mildew, esthetical defaults on the facade, decrease in durability of the construction of the wall with the insulation or even its collapsing.