Insulation of the house

Insulation of the house participates significantly when done correctly in saving s of the energy for the heating of the object. Insulation of the object is in fact a sticking and anchoring of an insulation system (mainly the desks  of the facade foam polystyrene or the desks of the mineral wool) to the peripheral construction of the housing object.  Wrong implementation of the insulation, using of bad materials or not following technological standards together with not changing of old, loose windows and doors are usually the biggest problems and represent the most common reason of defaults of the house the impacts of which can show themselves after several years, usually after the expiration of the guarantee. We have long term experience with insulation of the houses including thorough knowledge of the construction physics.

When preparing and execution of the insulation of the house it is necessary to follow these rules:

  • The project of the final version of the insulation, material structure and procedure of the implementation must be based upon the energetic audit.
  • The project must be elaborated by an authorized person with experience in the revitalization of housing objects (specialized projectors and engineering organizations).
  • The good quality building technical supervision independent of the contracted company is a guarantee of a good quality of the implementation. The supervision must control the construction continuously and without previous announcements.
  • Careful choice of the contracted company. An ideal form is by means of a tender organized by an independent professional company. The cheapest offer does not have to be necessarily the best solution.
  • When assessing the offers of the building companies cooperate with the projector, energetic auditor and your own personal technical supervisor.
  • Authorize professionals as for elaboration of the contract for work, the best the lawyers specialized in building law and consult it also with the technical supervisor and projector.
  • Do enclose in the contract a right for continuous controls of the constructions by your own technical supervisor without previous announcement including an access to the scaffolds.
  • Do enclose in the contract the right for photo documentation from the course of the construction including the implementation of the details. This photo documentation is usually made by the technical supervision and you are given it after completion of the construction for other use. These photos are very importatnt in the case of complaints and can make the whole complaint procedure much easier for you.
  • Divergencies in  the project, found defaults, the instruction for the building company the technical supervision or the builder writes into the site diary and they also carefully archive the copies of the entries.
  • Always do the taking over of the work together with the technical supervision and the projector. Do enclose an enactment in the contract that the after payment of the total price of the work will be made as late as after the removal of all defaults found during taking over of the work (contract bond).