Static faults and their removal

When examining the housing object we pay a great attention to an occurence of static defaults and we judge the condition with respect to a static security.

Following construction parts of housing objects usually show static defaults:

  • walls – vertical and slanted cracks in the walls, above the windows and doors, fallling off cover layers of the armatures with succeeding corosion of the armature
  • connections and attachments of the panels – cracks in the places of horizontal and vertical panels, exposure of the armature and its succeeding corosion, appearance of great heat bridges and in-leak of the rain water
  • ceiling of the balconies, balcony desks – falling off cover layers of the armature with succeeding corosion
  • railings – corosion of the imbedding steal elements or the armature and imbedding elements of the concrete railing.


Underestimation and covering of the static defaults can lead to serious problems, eventually to depreciation of the new facade. If these defaults are not  removed, the safety of the tenants can be endangered or it can lead even to serious injuries of the people.

The irresponsible builders or unreliable contracted company often cover the defaults merely by an insulation system. These covered defaults reappear after a certain period and as for their removal the interference into the constructed insulation system is needed with all related inpacts, being it both economical and esthetical, respectively the whole new insulation construction.