Report on the present technical condition of the building

As for assesment of an optimal technique of the revitalization of the housing object the building technical examination of the object and elaboration of the energetic audit is necessary. These acitivities ensure an accord in the proposed solution of building changes when maximal economy of spending funds is guaranteed.

Concerning these actitivites all accessible documents must be presented related to the object, such as contract documents completed by a sketch of an actual situation, the list of all so far executed repairs and changes on the object, respectively also the audit reports as for technologies required.

After the study of the documents a thorough inspection of the object by professionals of particular professions follows, who check the actual condition and fill in the accessible documents with the changes found and defaults in constructions and technologies (i.e. statics, hydroisolation, distribution of media, elevators etc.)

The output of all stated acitvities should be a project of needed repairs and changes including the suggestion of the procedure, order of works and an extent with regards to technological procedures and savings in financial cost of the builder.  This project of repairs and changes should also contain outputs from energetic audit describing requirements as for insulation of the facade, roof of the basement, exchange of the windows and doors etc. The final output is then the basis for elaboration of the contract documents.