Grants for revitalization of housing objects

Our offer contains also an elaboration of the applications and execution of the grants for the revitalization of housing objects. At present there are two programmes in operation by the state as for revitalization of housing objects, being it „Panel +“ from the State fund for the development of the housing and „Zelená úsporám“ from the State fund for the environment.

We can elaborate the application for the grants for our customers in a complex way, from submitting of the application, provision of all necessary reports and supplements, to an authorization of the application by the competent authority of the state institution. Thus the applicant can avoid potential problems or declination of the application because of formal defaults in the application or missing supplements and also it will make an appreciation of this application faster. The customer only has to provide us with all the documents needed and we will examine their corectness and completeness and check them in such a way so that they complied with all requirements.

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