Windows and doors

Types of windows and doors used in the past were usually rather loose both due to the construction of these panels and the used materials and the way of their  processing. That is their exchange represents one of the most important parts as for energetical savings. In addition there are also very serious defaults that can lead to limits in the quality of the living (mildews, heat bridges, in-leak of the water to the flats, untightness of the joints).

The construction preparatory works for changing of the windows and doors are usually based on measuring of present inlets. Potential incongruences are often said to be dealt with during the mounting. However, the combination of the bad quality of the preparatory works  and making it by nonqualified mounting staff can cause serious succeeding defaults. The good quality exchange of the windows and doors does not mean merely a setting of the window to the inlet, anchoring by means of several screws and filling the gaps between the window and the wall by means of the mounting foam and final plastering of the wall. 

When exchanging windows it is necessary to follow mandatory technological procedures of the window producers that are not unfortunately, often followed practically.

That is why we provide the owners of housing objects when exchanging windows and doors with the technical supervision by a specialized professional being it as soon as at the time of preparatory phase (measuring, elaboration of the mandatory procedure of the exchange) and later on at the time of the works themselves, since without detailed knowledge of the problematics the common builder does not have a chance to follow all requirements for the quality of the production and mounting of the windows and the doors.