Engineering for the owners of housing objects

Engineering is a set of activities that experienced professionals carry out for the builder in such a way so that the less experienced builder could with minimal expenses reach a maximal effectivity when preparing and implementing of the building and so that the financial means of the builder were  used in the most efficient way for reaching a maximal quality of implemented repairs and changes of the housing object (building).

Examples of the engineering that can be provided by a specialized company to the builder:

  • consulting and counselling during pre-project preparatory works  etc.
  • legal service when entering contracts, dealing with legal problems during construction etc.
  • elaboration of contract documents  of the groundworks, their repairs and changes in various phases of elaboration – for announcing of the building, building license, for a choice of the contractor and for an implementation of the  construction and further on in accordance with the needs of the builder
  • expert reports for statics, energetical demandingness (energetic certificate) of an object an so on
  • geodetical survey, geometric plans, projects of land modifications and other geodetic works
  • elaboration of the statement of the size and a detailed entry budget for a selection of the contractor
  • offer of the engineering for the building proceedings and  house inspection
  • provision of the grant from the programme „Zelená úsporám“
  • provision of the grant from the programme „Nový panel“
  • supplementation of an energetic audit for the required grants
  • organization of the  selection procedure and tender documentation for a selection of the contractor of the building
  • provision of the performance of the technical supervision for the builder
  • provision of partial taking-over proceedings of particular phases and integrated periods of the construction
  • provision of the loan for the construction or bridge loan for the period before payment of the grant funds
  • and other activities in accordance with the needs of the builder

It is usually advantageous for the builder to order a set of service of engineering activities in the whole complexity, since experienced professionals can better coordinate a set of activities needed for the preparation and implementation of the construction (repairs and changes of the housing object) and are able to offer for this set of activities great discounts compared to ordering particular acitivities by installments, since these activities when being carried out by other subjects do not have to be optimally consistent for shortening of deadlines and savings in financial funds of the builder.