Electric installations

Current electric installations in housing objects, mainly being it housing estates of the panel type do not comply with valid norms and regulations, especially when having plugged in appliances with bigger power drain such as electric cooking desks, washing machines, in-built ovens, air conditioning and other energetically demanding devices. The charge of the current electric installation has increased, which means it is not as for capacity sufficient.

On the basis of this these installations have become dangerous, being it mainly for a great fire risk. That is why we recommend an exchange of the electric installation in energetically demanding parts of the flats such as kitchens and living spaces. Current, predominantly aluminium conductors disengage in the joints, the increase of a contact resistance appears, that is a high temperature and succedingly a fire usually arising in Y branch wiring boxes, sockets and switches. 

The non-installed RCCBs in the bathrooms are the cause of lethal injuries by an electric power.